Car Setup: Car to Pit Communications

If you require a very simple easy to use car to pit communication system; even driver to passenger you can use this system.

Parts required (minimum):-

  • 2 x Walkie Talkies.
  • 1 x External Antenna.
  • 1 x Helmet Speaker, mic and push to talk. (PTT) button.
  • 1 x Noise Cancelling Headset.

The deciding factor of all the connections you use will be the walkie talkies them selves.

If we use the example fitted to our cars we have the following. Will supply the eBay Search links so they should always give a result.

Walkie Talkies - Baofeng GT3-TP : Cost £28 to £38 : eBay Search Link

Looking at the spec of the Boafeng Walkie Talkies antenna connection and fitment I'd want the following:-

  • Dual Band 144MHz/430MHz UHF VHF
  • SMA - Female
  • Vehicle Mounted

Antenna SMA-F Dual Band Vehicle : Cost £2 to £3 (but long delivery time) : eBay Search Link

Helmet Speaker, Mic and PTT. They pretty much all use the same two jack connections, but always make sure they are Walkie Talkies manufacturer specific. Depending on your helmet you may want a motorcycle version which has the mic on a boom; ideal for open helmets or a fixed mic for closed. NOTE: You can use boom on a closed helmet .

Baofeng helmet headset : Cost £7 to £21 : eBay Search Link

Noise cancelling headsets. Surprising these are the most expensive items. The will again be Walkie Talkie manufacturer specific. They usually come with a PTT button that can be clipped onto clothing and also a PTT on the headpiece themselves.

Baofeng noise cancelling headset : Cost £44 to £100 : eBay Search Link


If you want to have a comms between the driver and passenger then you would need an extra Walkie Talkie and Helmet Headset. If you want both passenger and driver to communicate back to the pits then another external antenna will be required; not sure if a Walkie Talkie can share an external antenna.


The car Walkie Talkie is fixed to the cage so that it can easily be viewed external. This is so the pit crew can switch it on and check/change frequencies when required.

The external antenna is mounted on the roof and the cable just gets pinched in the door.

The PTT button can be mounted on the hand brake or if there is enough slack on the steering wheel.


The following picture is a guide to how it connects.

Trouble Shooting

With this system there will be a few problems. The biggest is the connections of the two pin jack plug into the Walkie Talkies. Some connections and Walkie Talkies work better than others. Find the match that gives the best connection; a zippy tie to holding the jack plug in place works wonders.

The mic within the helmet headset can fail; buy a spare for reassurance.

Install Pictures

Mounted To Cage

Switched On

PTT Switch

Helmet Connection

External Antenna